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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bulletproof coffee

Well, I did it. I put a 1 tbsp of unsalted grass fed butter and 0.5 tbsp of coconut oil into 16 oz of fresh brewed coffee, stuck my immersion blender in there, and frothed it up. And it was GOOD.

When I started researching ketogenic diets after my hiatus I kept coming across mentions of “bullet proof coffee”. The article by guy who came up with it is linked here. Every morning I brew fresh ground coffee in a stainless steel French press. Adding butter to coffee seemed like a travesty.

But I think the repetition got to me. I decided to try this “bullet proof coffee”. At least I agreed with the guy that Starbucks is garbage. I always use good whole coffee beans so all I had to buy was Kerrygold unsalted grass fed butter. Wow, I never realized how bad ordinary organic butter tasted until I tried this.

Bulletproof coffee when blended looks like a latte. The taste is smooth and creamy. This is all I had this morning before yoga. Between yoga and spin I had a couple bento-box balls. I went through 80 oz water+nuun in spin class (1.5 hr). No hunger, no energy slump.

When I came home I was excited to find my husband and son in the kitchen. “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!” I got out three mugs and whipped up another batch. The guys were skeptical at first, understandably, but they liked it. Our 13-year-old added sugar to his, completely defeating the purpose. My husband summed it up in one word, “delicious.”


  1. i will have to throw mine in the blender since i'm not a vitamix owner, nor do i have a hand held blender. i only stirred mine up real good with a spoon. tomorrrow it's the blender! great post Sarah.

  2. blender makes a huge difference. I have a vitamix but all you need for this is an immersion blender or magic bullet.

  3. Huh. Intrigued to try this. I started making my own creamer about 2 weeks ago and trying some cashew cream tomorrow...but as soon as I get some Kerrygold, I'll give it a whirl!

  4. I tried the bullet coffee and didn't really like it. I thought I would! I prefer coffee black or with HC!

    However, I do LOVE those bento-box balls. They didn't hold up for my outdoor 50 degree ride on Saturday but I managed the mess pretty well. I agree, no hungry after eating these balls and drinking lots of water =). It is sooooo liberating not to feel like you're a slave to the kitchen and constantly having to eat.

    1. For the BP coffee the blender is the big thing -- just stirring doesn't work.

      I think the balls need more dry ingredients to help them hold together. I got unsweeteened coconut that I hope will help. The first time I made them with cold PB and room temp CO and they held up. The second time I made them with room temp PB and melted CO and they were sloppy balls. :) So PB from the fridge, CO that's not melted, a little more whey powder and dried coconut is the plan for my next batch. I'll make a new blog post at the end of this week and report back.