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Friday, February 8, 2013


I’m in a slump. Since I am trying to keep an honest blog, might as well write about it.

Biggest problem: not enough hours in my day. While my husband says I am doing “SO much better” than I was I am still struggling with this stupid head injury. My doctor started me back on my head meds and they help a little but I can’t put in the long hours I used to at work. This is causing problems. And the stress hormone cortisol is not my friend.

A possible side effect, I’ve stopped losing weight. Perhaps my body has figured out how to run on 1800 calories a day and is doing so quite nicely. I posted about a stall a few weeks ago. Now it’s a stop. I am not gaining. I am not hungry. I am still in ketosis. My caloric intake and macronutrient breakdown hasn't changed since Oct 1. I need to do something. Just not sure what.

And I am thinking about breaking up with my gym. I have weights at home. I have a good pool with a masters program I can get to. I have a great yoga studio. But the gym breakup will cause me to have to shift my training schedule around and may cost me a few weekday evenings with my family since my pool hours won’t be as flexible, at least until the river warms up.

Decisions, decisions.


  1. There are a TON of workouts you can do at home, Sarah, related to strength. If you do them in a super set/circuit style, it saves time and helps burn intramuscular fat. Do you have a kettle bell? Have you tried tabata style workouts? I am planning on developing a tabata/core style workout to replace the spin/strength when folks start riding out doors more.

  2. I have a ton of resistance bands and a full set of dumbbells. I actually have quite a few workouts I have written for myself to do at home. I usually base mine on a push/pull rotation from my old working-out-like-a-body-builder days. I do super sets. And I like to finish off with one huge drop set.