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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

stallin': Y chromosome edition

And now my husband's weightloss has stalled too. Week two of no change for him. Going on month two for me.

I was losing weight steadily when I was sitting on my ass recovering from surgery. I stopped losing weight when my training plan kicked into gear. I am tracking my food religiously (I am still trying to convince myself to give up the food journal: I can't quit you!). I know my calories are in check.

My husband stopped losing weight as soon as his running was picking up and his long run was over two hours.
Is exercise slowing our metabolism? Are we becoming more efficient?

Or, another possible explanation is "set point" (excellent explanation from Lyle McDonald linked here). Both of us are now at weights that we have maintained for some time in the past, for better or worse.

Both of us want to lose 10 lbs before the Pittsburgh marathon (him) and half marathon (me) this May.

Back to the drawing board......


  1. Two thoughts...

    1) are your calories too low?

    2) are you at an ideal weight for your body type?

    1. Thanks for the reply. I am eating around 1800 cal/day and I definitely still have body fat to lose. My goal weight is at the very top of the BMI scale for my height so it’s not low by any means. I am definitely an “athena” in triathlon terms.

  2. I agree with the stress factor you posted about today. I am also in the "athena" realm...sometimes though even BMI's can be off. Have you had your body fat tested? I just had mine done, it was the only factor that the doc said I should work on. My cholesterol, BMI, HR...all excellent but my body fat percentage is higher than it should be. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you know, it is difficult to just lose body fat :).

    I hope you get this figured out. I think for me eating NSNG has been all about experimenting to find something that works and is sustainable.

    1. Good point. I had mine done years ago in a BodPod -- I felt like Mork from Ork. I should go back and do it again. Otherwise I just use calipers and they are not very accurate.