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Sunday, February 3, 2013

typical Feb training

February is still “off season” where most effort is zone 2 and the focus is base-building. So far I have had zero trouble on a low carb / high fat diet with these types of workouts.

Here's the basic outline of my February training schedule:

  • Sunday: Bikram, masters, long spin

  • Monday: masters, 2nd swim

  • Tuesday: long slow run, swim-specific strength

  • Wednesday: Bikram

  • Thursday: masters, group power class

  • Friday: Bikram, short “fast” (for me) run

  • Saturday: Bikram, long spin

    Total hours/week: 16 - 17

    This does not include bike commuting, dog walking, and other ordinary stuff. Sometimes I try to sneak an extra yoga class in when I can too.

    4x/week swim since my A goal is the Manhattan Island Relay and 4x Bikram yoga since I am trying to keep my ankle strong so I don't fall over and get another concussion. Everything else is 2x/week. And it will likely stay like this throughout the main part of the season, just the duration/intensity will build.


    1. Wow 16-17 hours is your "base" building. I'm at about 8-10 hours and am finally starting to be able to wrap my head around what doubling or tripling that will look like for my life. I have a feeling my corepower yoga days will be cut but I'm hoping they don't go away all together.

    2. well 6 of those hours are yoga so I am not sure they count :)