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Sunday, March 3, 2013

1650 race report

I spent two months out of the pool recovering from surgery so I had fairly low expectations for the 1650 this year. I seeded myself in a slower heat. I figured I'd survive the swim this year, and have something to look back on next year so I could see how far I've come.

Well, it turns out I did okay in spite of my surgery. I finished 18 seconds over last year's time and about 48 seconds over my best time. I am pleased that I didn't lose as much fitness as I had feared during all of those weeks sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Also this was my first race on a low carb diet.

Last night before bed I had a Vanilla UCan shake. I made it with almond milk and a few frozen strawberries in the vitamix. It tasted like I threw three sticks of chalk in a blender with a strawberry. But I got it down, and it did not throw me out of ketosis.

My heat wasn't until a little after 11 a.m. this morning. I was not the least bit hungry when I woke up. But I made myself eat since I knew I would likely be hungry by noon. So what did I have? Bacon, eggs, and coffee. That was my pre-race meal, about 3 hours before the swim. And a Salt Stick Cap.

I had a bottle of water on deck at the pool to make sure I stayed hydrated.

Post swim I was not hungry. That was a first. We went out to a chinese restaurant and I had some tofu and vegetables, no rice, and I scraped off as much sauce as I possibly could.

Other than the UCan (U can drink chalk, apparently), everything was a success. My 50 yard splits in the pool were consistent. In fact I would say that my GI system and energy levels were much better than previous 1650s when I was running on Gus and Gatorade.


  1. Great job, Sarah!! Do you have your 50s splits on a garmin file? Sharesies?

  2. I don't wear a watch when I swim. Pretty soon the results will be posted online (usually within a week or two of the event) with everyone's splits.

  3. My wife found your blog and pointed me to it. I am a marathon swimmer whose wife follows the same diet as you're doing. I'm very interested in how your 10K goes.
    Not sure if you know, but there's a large community of marathon swimmers at Someone recently brought up ketosis.
    Mike (IronMike on the forums)

    1. Mike - thanks so much for the info!

      The poster on ketosis also posts on a low carb forum I follow. Dr. Peter Attia is a distance swimmer and he is in ketosis. His blog is what put this crazy idea in my head. :)

      I am glad you pointed me to the marathon swimming forums. I will bookmark. I follow the OWS thread on the USMS forums which is actually how I found my relay mates for MIR this year.