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Sunday, March 10, 2013

awful ride

Well, it finally happened. For the first time since I started this little experiment last October I felt absolutely awful and had no energy for my bike ride.

This morning my weight was up +4 lbs on the scale since I left for Florida on Friday. Travelling sucks. Who knows what's in commercial salad dressings, etc.

When I woke up today I still felt tired. Had eggs, fancy bacon, asparagus, and coffee. Drank two huge glasses of water.

Still tired, I laid back down for a while. Forced myself to get up and get ready for the bike ride. Didn't feel like riding but the weather in Pittsburgh today was just too nice not to go.

Threw some spinach, raw almonds, almond milk, blueberries, and whey in the vitamix. Drank that and took a salt stick cap.

Dragged ass out of the house and rode over to the ride start. This was a group ride for novice riders and experienced club members were asked to come along and help. I had myself in the latter category until the ride left and I promptly fell off the back. One big climb early in the ride and I knew I was done. I peeled off from the group and took a scenic route back to my house.

And burst into tears.

That 200k on March 23rd isn't looking too promising right now.


  1. Bummer. Sounds like someone needs a bike-instead-of-work-day...

    1. Yes, I think I need to do my annual Solo Spring Sufferfest where I head out on my own one day and do a long ride over some hills to get over myself, and then I would love a BIWD.

  2. Bummer, but what's kind of interesting is Saturday I+m +5 poounds over last week and today I sucked on the bike - no energy, legs were a mix of wood and jello, my mojo was all antimatter, and my riding buddy was dismounted and waiting for me at the top of every hill. I'm not doing any kind of experiment.

    I wonder if maybe you just had an off day, you know a human performance variable. I'm thinking of attributing mine to federal sequestration reducing my available neutrinos by 5% for the fiscal year.

    Hang in there. Respectfully, V.

    1. yeah, my wagon is still saggin and it's hours later. I went for a long walk when I got home but have barely moved since.

      Good call - I blame Boehner.