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Saturday, March 30, 2013


In spite of a whopping four hours of sleep thanks to getting home late last night, I still rolled out of bed to run the 8.1 mile distance at Just a Short Run (JASR) this morning.

The old me still thinks 8.1 miles is a short run. But the injured me is finally getting the memo. The last run I did longer than 6.2 miles was back in May 2011.

I am training for the Pittsburgh half marathon this year so JASR was a tune up for that. I decided to shoot for a 1:30 finish.

Pre-race I put moleskin on my arch, then put on my compression socks, then laced up my ankle brace. I was hoping the moleskin would prevent blisters. No such luck.

if you really want to see this, click for larger image

This hurts. If I am going to keep running I have to figure out what to do about it. I am going to ask my sports medicine doctor if there is a different heavy duty ankle brace I can try. I am not supposed to run (or do anything really) without the brace. But it's making running even more unpleasant than usual.

Otherwise the run was fine. My pre-race nutrition was just my usual breakfast: eggs, bacon, berries, coffee. I had water before and during most of the race. I took gatorade that was very watered down at the last two aid stations. Didn't have any GI problems during the event.

I finished in 1:30 and change, exactly what I was hoping for. A friend met up with me and we ran most of the last 5 miles together. Another friend and her family were there to cheer me on as I made the last turn. Other than that painful blister on my left arch, it was a good run; ankle seems to be holding up okay.

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