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Thursday, March 7, 2013

crazy diet

I saw my surgeon for a follow-up appointment the other day. I really like this guy -- skilled, smart, and personable. At the end of the visit he asked me casually, "what's up with this crazy diet you are on?"

At the store this morning the question came back to me as I was heading down the freezer aisle towards the exit. I would say that about 98% of the items for sale in the grocery store are things I wouldn't consider eating and barely consider food. Packaged, processed, huge ingredient lists -- a product of science not nature. In my cart: broccoli, berries, eggs, cheese, cream, almond milk, and organic milk for my kid.

My diet isn't crazy at all!

My answer to my doctor was that I went back to eating a low carb diet after coming across a considerable amount of information that it was plausible for endurance athletes to perform as good if not better on this program when I was looking for ways to fuel during the marathon swim relay.

But really the Standard American Diet (SAD) is the crazy diet.

When I was eating a high-carb vegan diet I didn't eat most of the junk at the store either. But I am much happier now not being hungry all the time. I don't miss the sugar highs/lows. I cannot imagine being on a boat for 8-9 hours circling Manhattan swimming with my teammates trying to time GU gels and swim; it turns my stomach just thinking about it.


  1. But your diet IS crazy! It's not bad or unhealthy, and if it works for you that's fantastic, but it is, in some sense of the word, crazy. (Why? It's very limiting, not only compared to the SAD, and it effectively disallows many fruits, some vegetables, and all whole grains! One certainly doesn't NEED these foods, and not eating them is helping you achieve a goal, but they're NOT inherently unhealthy.)

    You stated it very well in an earlier post: "It may not be for everyone, but it works for me."

    The SAD is certainly crazier, but that's a different subject.

    1. Definitely no grains, that's true. After reading Wheat Belly and learning about the shit they have done to wheat to breed it into what it is now I am pretty sure that wheat is a bad idea for everyone unless it's Einkorn. When I went "off plan" on my b-day I had sugar but could not bring myself to eat wheat. Actually most things are totally f'd thanks to modern agriculture, but that's another story.

      Once I am no longer interested in weight loss most fruits and veggies are fine, just some in need to be in moderation.

      How many ounces of dairy does it take to offset a 6k swim? That's the real question. :)

    2. Everything in moderation!

      I'm actually quite curious about the wheat information, but I fear the rabbit hole - like you said, most food is messed up and I have to eat something! Not an excuse for ignorance, though.

    3. Fear the rabbit hole!!! Also of equal concern and in the column of things I wish I didn't know -- the effect of fracking water on agriculture. :(