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Friday, March 29, 2013

endless love

Getting this! 17' endless pool swim spa.

Unfortunately it's 7:30 pm, I'm in a f'n Bob Evans in a Philly suburb,  and I'm supposed to run 8.1 miles at the Just A Short Run tomorrow morning.

Funny thing: I haven't run more than a 10k in two years.

Maybe we'll be home by midnight?  Who cares! I'm getting a poooooooool!!!


  1. You *deserve* this pool. You have earned this pool, you will do great things with this pool!
    Plus, I'll come over when it's spa time and ply you with wine. But mostly - You. Deserve. This. Pool.

    1. hahaha. Plus you can come over and swim in the winter when I have the pool at 68º and I'll only make fun of you "a little" for wearing a wetsuit. :)