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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Lots of things to write about.

- Found out this morning my story was featured in Vinnie Tortorich's newsletter. If you aren't listening to the Angriest Trainer podcast you are missing out.

- Found out yesterday that my friend who is an excellent athlete currently training for the English Channel eats low carb/paleo. She said, "ketosis is bliss." I can't wait to find out what the crew hands off on the pole during her feeds.

- Went to masters, had steak & veggies for breakfast, going to class today on Bayesian models, will drink chia fresca, yadda yadda but.........

TOMORROW I am going to check out Endless Pools in Philadelphia!!!! So excited. The model I am leaning towards looks like this.

I am terrified of spending so much money but man oh man the prospect of having a pool that I can keep at 70ยบ and swim outside (even if only in one place) all winter with minimal chlorine is just TOO exciting. 

This morning my coach suggested I rent out the pool to offset some of the cost. I told her the truth, "I don't want anybody peeing in my pool!" But of course my friends will swim in it, provided they promise not to pee.

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