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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

spring break

I am on "spring break" from work meaning I did not have to lecture today, so instead I spent the day writing two exams, two data analysis projects, a lecture, a lab, and a homework. And I am still behind....

I postponed my run until after my husband got home from work because it's more fun to run together. And our teenager came along too, even better!

I just needed to get in a short run to test the moleskin I am using on my arch where my ankle brace has been causing a huge blister. It seems to have worked. However, my "getting ready for a run" routine is getting more and more complex. I miss the days of just throwing my shoes on and going out the door.

Yesterday I ate way more than usual, well over 2000 calories, and this morning the scale was down 2 lbs. I know weight fluctuates but I usually expect to fluctuate in the upward direction the morning after I eat a lot. I keep thinking I am going to give up on figuring this weight loss thing out and just eat/train/live but now it's like a crazy puzzle and I can't stop!

Breakfast: bacon, eggs, berries, coffee.
Lunch: grassfed burger with cheddar, spinach, asparagus, chai tea with almond milk.
Snack: peanut butter and cream cheese mixed with a little stevia.
Dinner: mahi mahi pan fried in coconut oil topped with sour cream, asparagus, broccoli.
Total: 1700 cal, 43g carb, 122g fat, 106g pro, 21g fiber

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