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Monday, April 1, 2013


Mondays are double swim days. When I get an endless pool Mondays could easily be triple or quadruple swim days. Can't get enough swimming -- it's like exercise crack.

Solid 2500 this morning on just coffee, as usual. My blister was a little cranky in the chlorine but I relaxed my already slack-y two-beat kick and it quieted down. Unfortunately so did my pace.

The bonus of Easter is leftover hardboiled eggs, which made for an easy breakfast.

My professor who holds class any day he feels like moved our class to today from noon - 2:40 so my lunch was late, around 3:00. I had leftover fancy ham. Too much ham, I think. And coffee. Ham and coffee is not a good pre-swim meal. Oh and an entire red bell pepper, raw.

Got in 3500 at second masters including leading the main set. Felt strong in the pool except HAM. Ugh. Blister was a little less cranky by swim two but my eyes are burning from the chlorine.

Had salad for dinner with a friend. Trying some peppermint tea now to offset the hamminess that still haunts me. This easter was my first ham in almost four years I think. Apparently even uncured pasture-raised organic fancy ham is still hammy.

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